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Newsletter Autumn 07

Further funding as COTE gains recognition.
The Communities on the Edge Project, operating in three communities ‘on the edge’ of large private landowning estates in South Lanarkshire, Dumfries and Galloway and Scottish Borders is set to benefit from continued investment from The Carnegie UK Trust. A pledge of £100,000 will keep three full time equivalent ‘community animators’ active in the three communities, helping and supporting local people to create positive change in their places. Read more.

Muckle Toon market goes monthly
Exciting news from Annette Paterson Community Animator for the Communities on the Edge project in Langholm. Following a taster day in May with over 20 stalls of mixed food and craft local produce COTE facilitated a discussion meeting where a committee formed and “ The Muckle Toon Producers Market” was born. Markets are held the first Saturday of every month selling locally produced food and crafts. Read more.

Rise recorded in lekking numbers.
The Southern Uplands Partnership has been working to address the decline in black grouse for several years. This current project, staffed by Tom Adamson, started two years ago and finishes at the end of September 2007. Funding for this work has come from SNH, RSPB, Scottish Borders Council, Leader+ and the Biodiversity Action Grant Scheme. For Toms report on progress. Read more.

Squirrel Pox update and Red Squirrel Week events
Early May this year saw Scotland’s first outbreak of Squirrelpox in red squirrels. Since then 3 more sick squirrels have been found in the Lockerbie area and were later confirmed to be suffering from the fatal disease. To find out more about this virus and its impact on the red squirrel population in the south of Scotland and events you can attend during Red Squirrel Week. Read more.

Galloway gets Slow Food Group
There are plenty of people passionate about food in Dumfries & Galloway, which is why Graeme Hume ex Co-ordinator of Savour the Flavours organised an open meeting in Kirkcudbright to look at interest in starting a Galloway Slow Food group. What does slow food mean? Honest food, locally produced, simply prepared and passionately consumed. Read more.

International centre of excellence on climate change launched in Dumfries
The Crichton Carbon Centre is a new development in international efforts to tackle climate change. The centre will offer both short training courses and an MSc in Carbon Management.

Combining academic excellence with hands-on experience, the expert team at the new Crichton Carbon Centre in Dumfries is working to find sustainable solutions to global warming, as well as to communicate advances in energy efficiency and alternative energy sources to businesses and the wider public. Read more.

Interest in small scale renewables continues to grow
1,500 people interested in alternative energy sources for heating and power descended on the Auchincruive College campus near Ayr for the second renewable energy fair organised by the Energy Agency.

Visitors to the Fair, the most recent of a series held across the South of Scotland highlighting small scale renewables, received information and advice from the 26 standholders representing manufacturers and installers of heat pump systems, wood-fired heating and solar water heating systems, wind and hydro turbines, wood fuel suppliers and a process to enable vehicles to run reliably on used cooking oil. They also listened to talks by ten of the companies represented and some watched the film about climate change, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. Read more.


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