East Dumfriesshire Community Officer – Dumfriesshire East Community Benefit Group (DECBG)

The Dumfriesshire East Community Benefit Group (DECBG) distributes funding to projects in communities eligible for funding from the Ewehill and Solwaybank Windfarms. It has recently appointed its first development officer, Jamie Dent, to assist local groups to developing projects and access funding from a variety of sources. Jamie is employed by the Southern Uplands Partnership on behalf of DECBG.
This represents an exciting opportunity to enable projects that will have a lasting impact on the quality of life in the area by addressing social, environmental, and sustainability issues. “Judging by the responses to the East Dumfriesshire Community Consultation there is no shortage of good ideas. I hope to help develop these and many other projects to maximise the opportunity presented by the windfarm funds.”
To find out more visit www.decbg.org.uk or contact Jamie at jamie@decbg.org.uk

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