Loch Ken Alive

Loch Ken Alive is a project that is being delivered by the new Loch Ken Trust, which achieved charitable status in 2020 for its aim of improving the sustainability of Loch Ken and its surrounding communities. Loch Ken Alive will build on the existing activities around the loch to make the most of all the amazing natural and cultural resources in the area. The project aims to make Loch Ken one of the premier tourist destinations in Dumfries & Galloway, but in a sustainable way that harmonises with the existing communities. It is being led by project officer Barney Fryer, who is employed by the Southern Uplands Partnership on behalf of the Loch Ken Trust and Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership.

Barney and the Loch Ken Trust aim to work with all the communities who live, work or play at Loch Ken. ‘It is not just about what happens on the water, it is also about developing thriving communities around the loch.’

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